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Desi Discovery (Wednesdays)

On the Street: Little bits of Des are tucked away in the NYC streetscape, waiting for my intrepid eye to discover them and delight in them.

A Desi Finding: I never know when I will find something that reminds me of Des. It can happen almost anywhere, so I’m always prepared for a dash of nostalgia.

Desi Food (Thursdays)

Tastes of Des: Chasing the few authentic tastes of Des among the plethora of Desi restaurants in New York.

The Desi Kitchen: Unfamiliar ingredients from American grocery stores are tamed in my Desi kitchen and forced to serve my Desi palette.

Desi Art & Culture (Saturdays)

The Desi Book: Books are always portals into other imagined worlds; and Desi books are the best way to travel to Des without paying for a flight.

The Desi Arts: Glimpses of Desi Art and Design in NYC, whether in the Art Gallery or the Flea Market.

The Filmy Desi: Detailed discussions of all films of, about and from Des. Except Slumdog Millionaire, obviously.

Desi Calendar (Sundays)

The Desi Event: Hopelessly biased eye-witness accounts of Dance Parties, Book Readings, Diwali Celebrations, or any other event with a Desi connection.

Around the City: A list of all Des-related events in NYC, for your very own Desi calendar.

Des in the News: How the world sees Des, as reflected in stories about South Asia in the international news media.

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  1. February 22, 2010 12:37 am

    I love the categories.. I think you are a very intelligent man! Avi!

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