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My Andaz opens on Fifth Avenue

April 12, 2010

When I saw this humongous sign opposite the New York Public Library, I had no idea what it was for. All that struck me was the Hindi/Urdu word Andaz (pronounced un-daaz, with a french d). It is rather appropriately surrounded by curlicues and paisleys on terracotta background. Something smelt desi to me.

Well, I was wrong, actually, The word means style or flair, and in this case, apparently stands for the Hyatt’s new line of boutique hotels. As always, the trusty New York Times reports:

Billing Andaz as “not pretentious and without attitude,” the company says in a press release that it will offer “a highly functional environment characterized by sophistication, innovative design, local identity and casual elegance” — hardly a down-to-earth description.

Hyatt Promises ‘Homey’ Feeling in New Chain [NYT]

I sniffed long and hard on their website, and on the internet, but failed to come up with a desi connection. And the interiors don’t seem to have anything desi about them. Oh well, a fancy boutique hotel on Fifth Avenue with a desi name is exciting enough for now.

P.S. Marcel Wanders will be designing the interiors for the Amsterdam Andaz, just FYI.

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