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Tamil Apothecary at Aveda

April 5, 2010

Desi stuff turns up in the most unlikely places. I ran into this lovely piece of furniture at the Aveda Hair Institute. What was I doing there in the first place? A friend told me about their super-good super-cheap haircuts executed by hairstylists-in-training. The Desi bargain hunter in me was instantly excited. So I ended up sitting in one of their chairs with an extremely enthusiastic hairstylist gushing about my thick Indian hair. Then she proceeded to tell me how she wanted to open her own wig business. I suggested that she make a trip to Tirupati.

On my way out, this apothecary caught my eye. I zoomed in for closer inspection, and wonder of wonders, every drawer was inscribed in my language, Tamil! A suitably stylish instructor confirmed that the apothecary had indeed come from India. I tried to impress everyone present by trying to read the names in Tamil, but the hairstylists lost interest and straggled away to give the nearest brunette some blond highlights.

I stayed behind clicking photographs, delighted by the weathered inscriptions and by the rawhide pulls on each little drawer.

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  1. Akhila Krishnan permalink
    April 6, 2010 7:44 am

    I can just imagine the moment when you realised where it was from. It must have been lovely.

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